Sunflower Sunday

All You Can Pick Sunflower Weekends at Lickinghole Creek Craft Brewery


Last Sunday I visited Lickinghole Creek Craft Brewery for the first time. The sunflower fields were a sight to see. Families, couples, and friends weaved in and out of the fields picking flowers. When the gatherers were satisfied with their harvest of flowers they walked up the path to the brewery. This past Sunday, Rick Howell provided live music to the crowd as they enjoyed their beers, food from Woodhead's Grill and the shade. 

Lickinghole Brewery began their "Sunflower Weekends," last year. It was a huge success and the co-founders decided to expand by adding three more sunflower fields to their property. For the past few weeks, the brewery has been hosting "All You Can Pick Sunflower Weekends." Kicking off on Friday nights from 5-9PM, there is live music, tasty beers and food trucks to enjoy. Saturday and Sunday the fun begins at noon and goes until 8pm. The best part? You can pick as many sunflowers as you want...for free.


This weekend is the last one of the year.  So if you haven't been, the time is now! Before you jump in your car for a scenic drive out to Goochland, I have some tips for you to make the most out of your experience:

- Wear long pants & closed toed shoes.  (Trust me on this one.)

- Sunscreen & Bug Spray

-Sunglass & Hat


-Pruners (to cut the sunflower stalks) if you have them.

- A container for your sunflowers: A vase, basket or bucket is recommended.

That's my list for you! Enjoy!